Help FAQ

How to setup Wind Alerts


  1. Register on the Windjunky Website and then go to the My Wind Alerts page
  2. Setup wind alerts for when the wind is good for you to go kiteboarding.
  3. Download the Mobile App for Andriod or iOS and remember to log in using the same email address and password you just created on the website otherwise you won’t receive notifications to your phone.

How to read the graphs

The graphs are based on the traffic light system and indicate when wind the speed is good to go for kiters and other sports that rely on a wind speed that is greater than 15 knots.

So when the speed is above 15 knots the arrows will display in green, and orange when it’s starting to build and red when there is pretty much no wind. The grey arrows indicate the gust speed and are always grey.

The arrows indicate which direction the wind is coming from so if an arrow is pointing straight up then this means the wind is coming from the South and if it’s point left then it is coming from the east etc.

The graph below show’s the wind observations for the Fawkner Beacon which is in the middle of port phillip bay.

As you can see, the wind jumps up to over 20 knots in a SSW direction at around 3pm and is a little gusty at first but then starts to settle into a straight southerly which would be good for most kiteboarders in Melbourne.


The forecast graphs show the forecasted wind speed overlayed with the tide height predictions and follow the same traffic light system that the observation graphs use.